Stay Fit and Have Fun with Samba Fitness

At Marquis Health Consulting Services, we are excited to offer client centers we service our exclusive Samba Fitness life enrichment program, that is a ready to go exercise program that involves cardio and a fusion of fun upbeat music. Residents at centers we service get to enjoy themselves while being active and healthy.  This engaging activity combines gentle cardio exercises with the vibrant and rhythmic art form of Samba dance, deeply rooted in Afro-Brazilian culture. The style of Samba embraces influences from indigenous traditions and European dances, with its graceful footwork, easy-to-follow hip movements, and expressive gestures.  

Physical Benefits of Samba Senior Dance Classes are:  

  • Improved cardiovascular capacity  
  • Improved strength training and endurance 
  • Improved bone density, prevention of osteoporosis  
  • Improved flexibility, range of motion, and posture  
  • Improved cognitive function and motor control  
  • Increased caloric expenditure- weight control and weight loss  
  • Improved ability to perform activities of daily living  

Samba Fitness includes choreography to help stimulate brain activity. Samba music choices that are familiar to the participants and encourage engage them to sing along.  

The Goals of Samba Senior Fitness Classes are:  

  • To provide ways for residents to stay mobile with limitations  
  •  Help maintain functional skills  
  • Samba classes can be catered to specific groups  
  • Provide chair choreography (when needed) that is enjoyable and beneficial  
  • Improve mental health  
  • Create a social environment with solo or partner dances 
  • Teach participants to listen to their bodies  
  • Offer different levels of movement  
  • Help individuals age and rehabilitate successfully  

Neurobiological Effects of Physical Exercise  

There are numerous neurobiological benefits of exercise that affect brain structure, function, and cognition. Moderate exercise helps retain the hippocampus volume which affects memory and reduces dementia risk. Exercise also improves spatial memory for older adults.  

Exercise stimulates the neuromuscular system which controls movement. Continued stimulation decreases muscle wasting and the risk of falls, while improving endurance and mobility in the elderly.  

With increasing age, there are decreases in:  

  • Hand-eye coordination  
  • Limb coordination  
  • Hand and foot movements  
  • Motor coordination  
  • Manual dexterity  

The great news about our Samba Fitness Program is you don’t need to be in incredible physical condition to participate. Life Enrichment teams at the communities we service are trained to make fitness level adjustments to all in the following list so that they can stay fit and have fun.  

Those who can participate in Samba Fitness Exercise Program:  

  •  Older adults living in senior homes or attending your facility  
  • Those with medical limitations (People with amputations, those using breathing machines, people with limited mobility due to a stroke, wheelchair users, and more)  
  • Complications with Balance or Vision (People with vertigo or achromatopsia)  
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s (People with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease)  
  • Physical Rehabilitation (Those recovering from injuries or surgeries)  
  • Veterans (Those with PTSD or brain trauma)  
  • Mobility Issues and Chronic Pain Disorders (People with conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia)  
  • Developmental Disability (Those with diagnoses like cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, autism, Down syndrome, or fetal alcohol syndrome)  
  • Mental Health Disorders (Those with conditions that affect thinking, mood, and behavior)  
  • Multiple Sclerosis (People with MS who experience symptoms like vision loss, pain, and fatigue)  
  • Parkinson’s Disease (Those with Parkinson’s and related movement issues)  
  • Spina Bifida (Individuals with spina bifida who have symptoms like muscle weakness, stiffness, and nerve damage)  
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