Q & A with Nikki Gachot

Meadow Park Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Catonsville, MD which is one of the Skilled Nursing Facilities serviced by Marquis Health Consulting Services, recently joined a five-year, federally funded palliative care study.

Nikki Gachot who is the regional director of market development for Marquis Health Consulting Services, was interviewed with McKnight’s Clinical. Here are some of the questions and the answers.

Q: How did Marquis and Meadow Park Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center get involved with the UPLIFT-AD palliative care study?

A: We were in discussions with Gilchrist, a nonprofit provider of end-of-life care, about introducing palliative care services at Meadow Park when the study was introduced. This work has the potential to transform our approach to caring for skilled nursing residents with dementia diagnoses, and to extend their longevity.

 Q: How will this teach others about palliative care?

A: Data collected via Meadow Park’s ERM system throughout the study will inform University of Maryland School of Social Work research on using palliative leaders to transform care for Alzheimer’s disease.

Q: What is your approach?

A: Our collaboration extends facility wide. Nurse practitioners from Gilchrist are providing the services and insights on the practice of palliative care and teaching staff to help identify residents who might be appropriate for the UPLIFT study. Outside UPLIFT — which is specific to long-term care residents with dementia diagnoses — we are introducing palliative care for residents with chronic illnesses, such as congestive heart failure. Moving ahead, Meadow Park will evaluate the candidacy of new admits and residents transitioning from short- to long-term care.

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