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30th Anniversary of Ventilator & Respiratory Care Program at Woodbine Rehab

Woodbine Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Alexandria, VA marked the 30th anniversary of market-leading ventilator and respiratory care program. The celebratory event recognized our three decades of success specializing in complex pulmonary rehabilitation—within an ever-changing health care environment.

Ventilator & Respiratory Care Program Anniversarywoodbine rehab

“It’s a special time at Woodbine, and the anniversary program reflected on the program’s evolution, and the medical and technological advancements that are so critical when it comes to upholding and improving quality of care,” said Megan Shilling, regional director of market development for Marquis Health Consulting Services. “Marquis is proud to support Woodbine and congratulates the team on this impressive milestone.”

30th Anniversary of Ventilator & Respiratory Care Program

Located at 2729 King St., Woodbine Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center provides post-hospital care, short-term rehab and long-term residential care. Under the direction of pulmonologist Samir Al-Khouri, M.D., the ventilator and respiratory care program is widely recognized for its longevity and track record in treating patients who are ventilator and tracheostomy dependent, or have debilitating respiratory conditions and disorders.

Its state-of-the-art 46-bed ventilator unit is optimal for vent weaning and management. “We have the only program in northern Virginia that takes ventilator patients right off the acute care setting,” said Al-Khouri. “Our goal is to help patients breathe on their own—when possible—and in all cases, aim to increase their quality of life dramatically.”

Woodbine’s pulmonary patients benefit from 24/7 care provided by respiratory therapists, pulmonologists and specially-trained nurses and caregivers. “Many of our dedicated therapists and nurses have been with us for years,” added Melissa Claudio, Woodbine’s director of respiratory therapy. “We all care deeply about our patients and what we do.”

Ventilator & Respiratory Care Program features:

  • Dedicated 46-Bed Ventilator Unit
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Bedside Rehabilitation
  • Onsite Doctor of Speech Pathology
  • Daily Collaboration with Respiratory Therapists and Speech Language Pathologist
  • Pulmonary Mechanics for our Neuro Population
  • Oxygen Therapy and Monitoring
  • Nebulizer and Aerosol Treatments
  • High Frequency Chest Vest Therapy
  • Portable Ventilators
  • Nocturnal Support (BiPAP/CPAP)
  • Trilogy, Life 2000
  • Volara Oscillation
  • Trilogy Avaps Therapy
  • Heated Airvo
  • High Flow Nasal Cannula
  • Trachs

Woodbine Rehab maintains a five-star rating in quality measures from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and was recognized as one of Virginia’s top nursing homes in Newsweek’s America’s Best Nursing Homes 2022—for the third consecutive year. It has the state’s largest licensed skilled nursing capacity.

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