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Vice President of Life Enrichment, Ricardo Pena, was recently featured on iN2L’s website to discuss his innovative ways of caregiving and making a difference in senior care. iN2L + LifeLoop are products that push towards innovation with the use of effective technology for seniors. It was an honor for iN2L to highlight the tremendous work that Ricky Pena and Marquis Health Consulting Services do to ensure happy and healthy aging for their residents.

“iN2L + LifeLoop makes it so much easier for my directors to execute their day-to-day work,” exclaims Ricky. “Now that we have moved to the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), therapists are no longer the sole care staff responsible for driving the numbers.”

There is also an increase in departmental engagement, where different departments within the centers work together using these programs. Rehabbing therapists enjoy using iN2L content to encourage healthy competition amongst residents, driving up “scores” and “points” on leaderboards to determine winners across different centers.  “iN2L’s content has been phenomenal in many ways. We do a lot of competitions. One competition we particularly love hosting is our Olympic Games. We find residents who want to compete throughout our 57 communities and host Senior Olympics” states Ricky, continuing, “One game, for example, will pin Virginia residents against New Jersey residents for The Bubble Popper high score. It is a great way to get residents excited about engaging socially, physically, and cognitively.”

Marquis also uses iN2L + LifeLoop technology to increase staff efficiency and to show off its innovative methods on prospect tours. “At first, a lot of the staff were intimidated by it because technology can be scary, especially the older you are. But once we trained the team, they were like, ‘Wow Ricky! You’re right! This is so much easier than how we were doing it!” Ricky and his team love utilizing the digital signage and calendar features, which keep additional staff members informed on daily activities or events taking place. “Getting away from bulletin boards and paper signage brings us into the modern world. It gives us a sleek digital and competitive look that sets us apart from traditional nursing homes. We use 65″, sometimes larger, screens to display our information” says Ricky, adding, We go big!”

iN2L + LifeLoop provides the passionate Life Enrichment team at Marquis with technology that facilitates operational efficiencies which benefit residents greatly. Across both Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living communities, these programs allow the Life-Enrichment teams to have the time and energy they need to create innovative care programs that promote a fun and healthy senior living environment for everyone! Thanks to Ricky’s leadership and collaboration with iN2L + LifeLoop, this enables the teams in the centers we service to create staff efficiencies that promote purposeful engagement for resident, family, and staff satisfaction.

More on this even can be found on iN2L

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