Oxford Pulmonary Rehab Case Study

68 years old male (C.C.) admitted to Oxford Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center from Jefferson Torresdale Hospital with admitting diagnosis of Acute Respiratory Failure with Hypoxia secondary to Covid pneumonia. Patient has a history of CAD, S/P CABG and MI and a current smoker up to hospital admission. Patient arrives to Oxford requiring Oxygen at 7lpm via nasal cannula.

Nursing Interventions
Medication Management-Toprol XL, Eliquis, Cardizem, Flonase & Metformin
Monitor Labs- CBC with Diff, BMP and HGBA1C
Aspiration Precautions- Downgraded Mechanical Soft Diet

Respiratory Interventions
Maintain Adequate Oxygenation- Wean Oxygen as tolerated- GOAL MET
DB&C Exercises- Incentive Spirometry to prevent Atelectasis
Pacing and Endurance Training- RT collaborates with Therapy and Speech Therapist
Under the Leadership of Oxford Onsite Pulmonologist, Dr. Bruce Dershaw in partnership with Oxford’s Full time Respiratory Therapist, the patient continued to progress, gain strength, and slowly decrease need for Oxygen Therapy. Patient no longer requiring Oxygen Therapy.

Upon admission, Patient required moderate assistance with all self-care tasks as well as for sit to stand. Patient progressed to ambulation of 200 feet with rolling walker and stand by assist and ability to climb 4 stairs w Contact Guard. Patient returned home to his apartment where he lives alone with the support of his two brothers.

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